If you manage a group of blogs, niche sites or a large network of blogs, one of the biggest challenges is keeping all the details organized.

Many of us have the details for each blog scattered among emails, pieces of paper, notebooks, bookmarks, spreadsheets, our memories and even coffee stained sticky notes.

And what happens when you try to manage more than just a few blogs is that all the details become challenging to keep straight in your head. At least it is for me .

Details like:

  • blog login
  • hosting login
  • seo details
  • domain registrar & expiration date
  • keyword positions and details
  • promotional activity log
  • tasks to do
  • monetization
  • income and expenses
  • and more…

After struggling with trying to keep all the details straight and watching some of his blogs literally die from lack of attention, he did something about it.
AutoBlog Commander
He created a software application, AutoBlog Commander, that will help you manage every aspect of your blogs – from logging in to income and expenses. Whether you have a handful or a network of hundreds of blogs, you can now keep all the details in one place. You can now control your blogs so you can concentrate on more important things like monetizing them and building more blogs.

Users are calling AutoBlog Commander:


“Must Have For Internet Marketers”



Users have also found that AutoBlog Commander is perfect to manage their niche sites as well. So whether you have blogs, niche sites, or both, you can keep everything straight easily!

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