Roger Haeske has put together a unique resource for those looking to get in shape naturally without the costs of joining a gym or buying expensive equipment, and specifically those looking to do body weight exercise at home.

Lightning Speed Fitness is a collection of exercise plans that can be done anywhere, inside or outside, without needing to join a gym or buy expensive home gym equipment or accessories.

Roger includes videos of many of the exercises he personally recorded in addition to pictures and descriptions of others in excellent detail. It’s easy to see exactly how to do them, Roger does an excellent job of demonstrating the exercises and explains details where needed.

Lightning Speed Fitness Exercise at Home Body Weight Exercise
(Videos from the Lightning Speed Fitness Program)

The claim on the web site is you can do two ‘multi-muscle’ exercises in 15 minutes a day. Is it true?

I’ve been doing the exercises from Roger’s program for over a year and I can verify that not only are they challenging, but they also work as he describes. I’ve found a routine that works for me quite well and I’ve been impressed with my results, not only in the areas I was looking to enhance, but my entire body. You can start at any level you want with the exercise and work your way up to make them as challenging as you need and there are dozens of additional exercises and routines detailed that give you variety and allows you to work your entire body.

The Lighting Speed Fitness course also includes, at the time of this writing, an 87 question Body Fitness FAQ bonus. It’s a thorough collection of fitness questions answered, from protein muscle building myths to what to eat and drink, energy levels, getting rid of sagging skin and many more. A real gem, and in my opinion, worth more than the cost of the program itself.

Additionally, Roger has included about a dozen bonus audios and how to guides on additional body weight exercises, techniques, how-to’s and strategies to stay fit, get energized and feel your best. These were a real surprise since he doesn’t mention them on his web site. Roger has really overdelivered here and shows his dedication to helping those interested in learning.

For anyone looking to do exercises at home, exercise at work, to get in shape on a budget, burn fat, lose weight or just to learn how to exercise anywhere using your body as a gym with any additional costs or equipment, I highly recommend checking out Roger’s Lightning Speed Fitness program.

Learn more about Lightning Speed Fitness.

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