Amidst a flurry of promotion, Rob Benwell has recently released Google Annihilation. What is it and how does it compare to other services? Is it the traffic generation pot of gold most internet marketers say it is?

Basically, Google Annihilation is large 3-way or multiple link network that builds one-way backlinks you can use to increase traffic to most any web site.  

Let’s get to the specifics. Google Annihilation costs $37 per month and lets you generate links for up to 30 websites. After signing up, you can enter your website URL, select the category for your website, enter your site description, and up to 3 anchor keywords for anchor text linking. Then it asks you to enter your HTML header and footer (no instructions or tutorials are provided on how to do this part) and then when you submit, it gives you a PHP snippet to put on your website. Eventually your site becomes part of a large N-way or 3-way linking network.

Does it work? Yes, it definitely works, but is it the best choice for you and your online business?

That’s the most important question since after reviewing Google Annihilation, it’s apparent that there is another service called Neurolinker already available that does the same thing, plus a great deal more, for less money.

Let’s compare what Google Annihilation offers compared to Neurolinker:

Google Annihilation:

  • $37 for up to 30 websites
  • ONLY 3 anchor keywords allowed
  • Uses NO relevant website matching algoriths, only manual categories
  • NO social bookmarking
  • NO article marketing
  • NO user options for selecting relevance of links vs. number
  • NO ability to reject any outbound or inbound links
  • NO tutorials or instructions
  • NO forum


  • $27 for up to 100 websites
  • Virtually unlimited anchor keywords using advanced keyword syntax
  • Uses complex algorithms for finding most relevant websites, and lets you pick manual categories as well
  • Article marketing component with article spinner
  • Free website content for your website from articles
  • Collaborative social bookmarking system for permanent links from social bookmarking sites
  • Can reject any inbound and some outbound links
  • Offers additional code snippets in JSP, CFM, ASP in addition to PHP (so most any site running on most any platform can use the code)
  • Lots of tutorials and instructions
  • A forum for help and suggestions from other users

As you can see, Google Annihilation appears to a ‘lite’ version of Neurolinker at a higher cost. Neurolinker allows up to 100 sites compared to 30 and offers additional promotional tools not available in Google Annihilation.

Obviously both systems work, there is plenty of evidence from testimonials plus my personal experience reviewing Google Annihilation and using the Neurolinker system. The main idea behind both is developing a network of sites that will build one way backlinks to your site. This will increase your site page rank, search engine position and as a result, organic search engine traffic. 

Why pay more for less with Google Annihilation? In my opinion, Neurolinker offers a great deal more value, resources, support and potential traffic that’s easier on your pocketbook. In the long run, a more robust and effective way to get more traffic to your web sites.

Learn about both systems here:

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