Jonathan Leger keeps creating solution oriented software. Today, he’s released Answer Analyst, a software tool to research, create content, write articles, blog posts and answer questions quickly.

How does it work?

Answer Analyst has two areas.

First, you can ask the software a question like “what is colon cancer?”. The application shows answers to that question in an organized format and then gives you the option to save any of the content.

Second, if you don’t have a good question to ask, you can put in your subject matter, like “prostate cancer” and Answer Analyst will list questions about the subject matter like “what is prostate cancer”, “how to treat prostate cancer”, etc. You can then chose the question that most suits your topic and let it research the answers.

After you find the answers and content you’re looking for, you can save them to your research screen where you can continue adding more answers until you’re done. You can copy and paste the research into any other application. You can also save the questions and keywords in a project for later use as well.

How can you use Answer Analyst?

One of the best uses I’ve found for this application is to be able to create content on any subject in just a matter of minutes. For example, if I were creating a blog post on the topic of health care, I could quickly gather bits of content on any health care subject. Then I’d copy and paste it into my blog editor or wordprocessor, and this is the important part, write my content in my own words modifying anything I collected, and have a blog post, article or content on any subject in just a matter of minutes.

Writing articles with Answer Analyst is easy. In fact, Answer Analyst is somewhat similar to Jonathan’s Instant Article Wizard Pro, which is designed to help you write articles on any subject in minutes, although it doesn’t go as far in the content research or editing features. Using the content from Answer Analyst you can get the basis for just about any type of article. Follow the simple formula of asking the question about the topic, defining the answer and providing several solutions to the question and you have an informative article.

Need a special report? Bonus report to offer those joining your list? Answer Analyst is a great tool for that too. Ask your questions and get all the answers you need to create a report in minutes.

What about Private Label Rights (PLR) content?

Answer Analyst is also a great tool to help customize and re-write private label content. Use it to ask more questions on the content topic, add and to or enhance the existing PLR content and you have custom content for articles, ebooks, blogs, autoresponders… anything you need.


The biggest benefits to this software is time savings and organization. You could research content on your own, but I estimated that you would normally spend 5 to 10 times as much time without an application like Answer Analyst. Using a software tool that organizes everything and keeps it at your fingertips is a real time saver, letting you spend less time on research and more time on generating revenue. You can easily write a dozen blog posts or articles in an hour, saving you money compared to paying for those services.

You can also use Answer Analyst to create backlinks to your sites. Backlinks?Yes. ┬áHere’s how. Find blogs on topics related to your sites that don’t use the ‘nofollow tag’ using a program like Niche Blog Detective, and then make comments on any post. How? Use Answer Analyst to research the answer to any question or blog post topic, re-write it in your words and you have comments to post with a link back to your websites. Literally almost instant backlinks. And you can do this on most any topic since you have the research tool to find the answer in seconds.

The software is also a great tool for journalists, students, researchers and writers in addition to online marketers.

Any downsides?

I couldn’t find any. The software is well developed, is fast and upgrades automatically. Jonathan provides excellent support and the software is written to access a web based application in the back end so the ‘heavy lifting’ is done on his servers so it should run fast on any computer, regardless of the speed or configuration.

Here are a few screen shots from Answer Analyst:

Answer Analyst Research and Content Software

Answer Analyst

Here are a few comments from Answer Analyst users:


The Answer Analyst is just fantastic.

Less than 1 hour after getting the Answer Analyst I had produced a 5 page report for my site visitors. I have never found anything so quick and so easy.

Thank you Jon, you are the best.

Brian McQuirk

It took only a few minutes to answer the first question on a forum site, and soon I had answered 15 more. That is sixteen more backlinks from authority sites. So Quick and So Easy.

David Odell

To learn more visit the Answer Analyst web site.

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